CMSlim Body Contouring

CMSlim® Body Contouring

Contouring Master® CMSlim® is a revolutionary HI-EMT® TGA approved medical device.

Please note: a thorough consultation is required before booking this treatment.

It is the latest Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation body contouring device designed for body shaping, muscle toning and fat reduction purpose. With cutting-edge technology in non-invasive body contouring, as it not only BURNS FAT, but also makes you GAIN AND TONE MUSCLES without sweating in the gym.

Additionally, the treatment requires no anaesthesia, there is no discomfort and no downtime. In fact, patients are able to sit back and relax, while the device performs equivalent of up to 30,000 painless crunches or squats during a 30 minutes treatment. CMSlim® was designed and it is manufactured in Korea, the country of pioneers of this technology. 


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Unlike other devices and treatments that target the fat directly, CMSlim® dramatically increases the metabolic rate of the area around the muscle. Using the high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy which induces a hyper-contraction to the muscles which could never be achieved naturally. During these intense pulses, the muscles release chemicals which signals fat cells in the area to break down their contents and release them as free fatty acids. When these fatty acids overwhelm the fat cells, they cause malfunction, and the body naturally excretes them as waste.

The patient undergoes a 30-minute session. The first cycle begins at lower power, inducing around hundred contractions per second increasing strength during the following cycles, inducing around thousand contractions per second. The cool down program induces deliberate contractions that are designed to flush out any toxins or lactic acid unleashed by muscles.


  • Non invasive
  • No downtime
  • Reduce fat
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Pain Free
  • No surgery or anaesthesia
  • “Workout” without sweating
  • Safe


Contouring Master™ CMSlim™ also helps with muscle building. With the device’s energy affecting the entire sheath of abdominals, from rib cage to groin, the muscles undergo cellular changes, thickening, and strengthening in the process. It is ideally suited to patients with a BMI of 30 and under however it is beneficial for everyone and everybody gets results.

CMSlim™ is a non-invasive and completely safe treatment with no downtime. Patients that undergo the treatment are usually between 30 and 70 years of age. It is an especially popular treatment for women after the pregnancy due its muscle tightening properties. Also for athletes, body builders, and those that can’t exercise to keep muscles in shape.

!!! Be aware of non-TGA approved illegal privately imported devices of this kind already used and advertised in some clinics. You do not want to have your body to be irradiated by an electromagnetic radiation of non clinically tested, copycat potentially dangerous devices. Treatment on TGA approved medical device is a guarantee your treatments is safe.


  • CMSlim™ treatment is an inactive-exercise treatment which results in muscle gain while losing fat.
  • Electromagnetic field passes non-invasively through the body and interacts with motor neurones which subsequently trigger supramaximal muscle contractions.
  • A 30 minute treatment on CMSlim™ is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups or 20,000 squats,like you are doing an intensive workout.
  • The results are amazing. The clinical tests show CMSlim™ treatment actually, increases muscle mass up to 18% while losing 21% fat.

CMSlim™ is best for clients who lead an active lifestyle and maintain a healthy diet. Anyone who wants to achieve further results in a more targeted area, such as more defined abs or a butt lift look.

You will notice that you will feel stronger in your workouts, including yoga and Pilates. Any movement or exercise that requires you to use deeper stomach muscles or glutes muscles will feel a lot easier. The treatment will significantly strengthen your stomach muscles, core and glutes. It is an especially popular for women after pregnancy. Also for body builders, athletes and those that can’s exercise to keep muscles in shape.

A treatment takes 30 minutes. However, to achieve maximum results a cycle of CMSlim™ is 4 treatments over a two week period.

Abdomen, Thighs (inner, outer), Upper arms, Shoulders, Buttocks.

No, there is no downtime at all.