PRP therapy

PRP Regenerative Cellular Therapy

A Natural Approach to Anti-Ageing Procedures

Please note: a thorough consultation is required before booking this treatment.

Often what holds many patients back from pursuing facial rejuvenation is the fear and risk associated with invasive procedures such as surgery or laser therapy, or the thought of injecting a foreign substance or toxin into their body.

For those who are seeking a more natural approach to anti-ageing procedures, Alocuro PRO-PRP therapy is the ultimate biological skin rejuvenation treatment. The Alocuro PRO-PRP technology provides a unique system for superior platelet extraction efficiency so that maximum growth factors can be introduced in the exact location where you want your skin to repair and rejuvenate itself.

Alocuro PRO-PRP for facial rejuvenation

  • A safe, effective and non-surgical treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing process
  • Maximises extraction of a high concentration of the patient’s own platelets and growth factors essential for tissue regeneration and accelerated healing
  • A proven treatment to repair and rejuvenate your skin at the cellular level
  • Innovative, patented technology to promote accelerated rejuvenation to help reverse the signs of ageing and minimize wrinkles, scarring, and thin skin.
  • Uses the patient’s own cells to refresh the complexion and provide overall improvement in the elasticity, colour and quality of the skin.

As the procedure uses the patient’s own blood, metaphorically it has been referred to as the “Vampire Facelift” or Dracula therapy. However the type of ‘vampire facelift or facial’ made famous by Kim Kardashian and supermodel Bar Rafaeli is slightly different to the technique performed for Alocuro PRO-PRP therapy.

Many celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, have been reported to use PRP injections to maintain a youthful complexion. 

We offer two kinds of PRP delivery treatments here at Organcia: Alocuro PRO-PRP, which is injected through very fine needles into the skin layers where it is most effective or PRP being poured on the facial skin and then pushed into the skin layers using a skin needling pen.

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) or ‘male-pattern baldness’ is a common form of hair loss affecting up to 50% of men by age 50 and nearly 50% of women (female-pattern hair loss) over the course of their lifetime. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been proven by numerous high level research studies to reverse hair loss, improve hair number and hair health. The basic science behind PRP injections is that the patient’s own platelets deliver an abundance of growth factors to the skin on the scalp to stimulate hair regrowth. PRP therapy has shown remarkable beneficial effects with no major adverse reactions or harmful side effects, and is considered to be a very safe medical procedure.

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